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21 February 2022

The BLUE Line, IBK, creative lighting exercice.

The BLUE Line, IBK, creative lighting exercice.

Here is a combination of cornices, LED strips and paint… ”The Blue Line” is an exercise in creative lighting. Research on the idea of ​​100% indirect lighting to create a pleasant and modern atmosphere.

Combined cornices are used here to create 3 lines of indirect lighting. This solution includes a line at mid-height, associated with a double line on the ceiling illuminating the top of the wall.

The IBK blue middle line creates a luminous alcove effect, drawing the space, giving shape and depth to the material.

Here below is a detailed view of the assembly.

A subtly modern combination here painted in Off-Black Mat + Yves Klein Blue called IBK International Bleu Klein (at Resources paints),  a solution that could accommodate many other color combinations.

If you want to know more about our solutions for indirect lighting on Orac Decor cornices CLICK HERE TO CONTACT

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