Lighting systems & linear lighting systems


  • Feb222021


    The PHANTOM LED may foreshadow the future of LED linear lighting solutions. A simple solution made up of 2 swiveling…

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  • Aug012020

    GUMMY GUM color diffusers, vitamins for LED Strips

    The range of GUMMY GUM silicone diffusers widens with the arrival of the color collection. 8 new colors to use…

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  • Jun092020

    The high brightness LED strip

    Ledux Lumière is expanding its range of high-power LED strips with the arrival of the  ULTRA BRIGHT PREMIUM Series. This…

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  • Jan162020

    The 21st century atmosphere facade lighting

    The choice of a resolutly modern design for this car showroom. A fine work of integration, using DMX lighting control,…

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  • Dec272019

    Specific drywall LED profile to create light coves

    DELTA profiles are specific rails to easily integrate a led strip into a drywall construction. The range has 6 different…

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  • Oct022018

    The Moonraker 84 LeDux Lumière LED strip, an overpowered RGBW, controllable by DMX. Example of realization.

    The solutions offered by our powerful Moonraker84 Premium Warm White RGB + Led strip are starting to gain traction. Here…

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