Lighting systems & linear lighting systems


  • Oct082021

    VULCAIN, 1800K range, when Led Strip feels like an evening by the fireplace, dicover the very warm white

    VULCAIN an LED strip designed to create very warm light atmospheres while maintaining good color rendering index. This 1800K Led…

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  • Feb222021


    The PHANTOM LED may foreshadow the future of LED linear lighting solutions. A simple solution made up of 2 swiveling…

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  • Aug012020

    GUMMY GUM color diffusers, vitamins for LED Strips

    The range of GUMMY GUM silicone diffusers widens with the arrival of the color collection. 8 new colors to use…

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  • Jan162020

    The 21st century atmosphere facade lighting

    The choice of a resolutly modern design for this car showroom. A fine work of integration, using DMX lighting control,…

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  • Dec272019

    Specific drywall LED profile to create light coves

    DELTA profiles are specific rails to easily integrate a led strip into a drywall construction. The range has 6 different…

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  • Oct022018

    The Moonraker 84 LeDux Lumière LED strip, an overpowered RGBW, controllable by DMX. Example of realization.

    The solutions offered by our powerful Moonraker84 Premium Warm White RGB + Led strip are starting to gain traction. Here…

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  • Jun092018

    The high brightness LED strip

    Ledux Lumière is expanding its range of high-power LED strips with the arrival of the  ULTRA BRIGHT PREMIUM Series. This…

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  • PRO DECODER DMX. The new 5-channel DMX decoder for LED strips that can do it all!

    Voici le PRO DECODEUR DMX, un décodeur DMX 5 cannaux pour ruban LED, simple et robuste qui saura satisfaire toutes…

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