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Linear lighting systems

LED strips, control systems, luminescent film, industrial linear lighting

Linear lighting for decorative and commercial applications, infinite solutions!

We offer a very wide range of combinable products allowing infinite solutions for indoor or outdoor lighting.
With our network of specialized resellers we serve creative integrators and demanding lighting designers looking for modern, reliable and innovative lighting solutions.
With more than 90 LED strip references in stock and dozens of combinable integration profiles, we can satisfy all requirements.

Controllable solutions

LeDUX Lumière offers standardized and innovative LED strips as well as the best management solutions on the market. Punctual or intensive use, gradation, zone management, mood memories, dynamic white or color control, radio-frequency systems or wired systems we always have the right solution.

Shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs or residential, linear lighting systems find their place everywhere; the light becomes controllable to take all the appearances and modernize the atmospheres.

LED strips and accessories

Linear lighting is a solution that the most enlightened architects and decorators know how to use to create modern universes. In this new market where all products are similar and where information is confusing, LeDUX Lumière offers you 10 years of expertise in the field of LED strip and driving systems. Lighting design, lighting beacons, mood lights, main lighting, light features know how to carve the space and strengthen the architectural lines. The solutions are infinite.

Discover the solutions offered by LeDUX Lumière.


Dynamic color, RGB and RGB + W lighting

Take control of the colors with our RGB solutions and become the great commander of the light with our RGB + White control solutions to create in a moment a new luminous atmosphere.

We offer many dynamic lighting solutions as well as the associated control systems. Simple radiofrequency systems or wired systems, DMX protocol, Dali or KNX, whatever your technical environment we always have the solution adapted to your needs.


Flexible luminescent film

A solution very low consumption and very long life. For simple installations and a markup effect, use a soft monochrome luminescent film.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, to emphasize the architectural lines of a building, sub-plane lighting to obtain a homogeneous backlight without light box. Store design, innovative display solutions, artistic creations, stair steps ….

The field of applications is very wide for this very simple technology to implement.


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Linear Lighting
Industrial & commercial solutions