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Linear lighting solutions of the 21st century

The technological advances of the last ten years in the field of lighting offer a horizon of new solutions for lighting designers. Linear lighting is a novelty that the most enlightened architects and decorators know how to make good use of. Discreet, integrable and flexible, the lines of light reinforce an architectural line, create contrasts, carve the space and give birth to modern worlds.

With LeDUX Lumière, take control of the light.






Standardized and innovative products

The products offered by LeDUX Lumière benefit from the latest technological innovations in the field of LED linear lighting.
We pay special attention to the quality of the light and the color rendering, for an optimal electric efficiency and a development of the original spaces.

Today, LeDUX Lumière offers you the best lighting of the future in the field of linear lighting systems.

A Pro Product of Pros Tips

Simple, cost-effective and efficient solutions; measurable results.

In this new market where all products are similar and where information is confusing, LeDUX Lumière offers its expertise and has made for you a selection of quality solutions, always designed for quick and easy implementation.

We choose a selective distribution network. LeDUX Lumière is the interlocutor for professionals looking for efficient LED lighting solutions. Resellers of LeDUX Lumière led strip solutions, are specialists in the field of lighting, they offer a proximity technical relay to guarantee the success of all your projects. A Pro product for Pros.

Plan, Submit, Sell.

A wide offer, products available. We make every effort to make your life easier and help you respond quickly to the most demanding projects. We assist you in planning your projects and in your calculations. We have a large stock of all references in our catalog ” Led strips & Accessories ”.

Plan, offer, sell, order; we deliver to you as soon as possible.

Photometric files for 3D modelizations

LeDux Lumière offers photometric files for modeling renderings by design offices. Visualize lighting levels at each corner of the study area, integrate architectural requirements, furniture, the installation destination and the provision of natural light in order to bring energy efficiency and well-being of users . With targeted illumination, optimize energy consumption related to lighting and stage products in commercial premises.

.IES modeling files for all the products we offer are available on request.

From the most economical to the most elaborate, an incomparable choice.

Indoor, Outdoor, Zone Management, Radio Frequency, DMX or Dali addressing, 0-10V, push button, wifi or Bluetooth control …. We offer more than 40 control and dimming systems for LED strips.

Ask us: here everything becomes simple.


The greenest technology

LED technology is not polluting. The lamps do not contain mercury or toxic gases, they are easily recyclable. The amount of energy required to manufacture an LED lamp is two times lower than that required for the manufacture of a halogen lamp and its reflector.

Fluo-compact technology works with a gas containing mercury, a highly polluting compound. Although manufacturers make efforts to solve this problem and limit the pollutant nature of these products their recycling poses a serious ecological problem.

Making the choice of LED lighting is one of the most ecological and eco-efficient choices of the moment.

LED: an incredibly sustainable technology

LED technology allows under certain conditions a lifetime of light sources up to 70,000 or even 100,000 hours. But what is important is the light output (calculated in Lumen produced per / Watt consumed) more than the lifetime. Indeed, like other sources of light a light emitting diode will lose some of its brightness over time. The environment of the diode (heat dissipation systems, type of current or voltage power supply, type and quality of diode and use) are all parameters that affect its life and brightness. The technological evolutions on the diodes allow gradually to improve these parameters, but as in the universe of the consumer electronic products, you will find on this market a very great variety of products which although having similar technical specifications; are in use in very uneven quality time. This situation creates a form of confusion for professionals, as some qualities correspond to other household use for professional purposes. In this regard, new European standards are expected to emerge soon.

LeDUX Lumière markets only quality products that meet the requirements of professional use. Our products are all compliant with the LM80 standard.

Other advantages of LED sources

Instant start of LED sources: Unlike fluorescent lamps (so-called low consumption), an LED source comes on instantly.

Insensitive to ignition repetitions: Regardless of the frequency of the ON / OFF cycles, it will have little impact on the LED sources: they are insensitive to the ignition repetition. These are the power supplies that are more or less sensitive to these cycles. It is an adapted and very durable solution for lighting using presence detectors and which are subjected to dozens of ignitions and extinctions per day.

The LED does not heat up: An LED source in operation does not generally exceed 70 ° C at certain points of the device. Indeed the efficiency of an LED is conditioned by the temperature of the diode voltage, that is why the LED sources must be equipped with a device to dissipate the heat created by the diode to maintain efficiency optimal light. It is the function of the aluminum supports that allow to install the LED ribbons

For comparison, a voltage halogen lamp reaches a temperature of 270 ° C forcing ultra secure this type of electrical installations. Good … in winter these participate in a certain way to the heating of a room, however in summer in an air-conditioned area halogen sources are as many heat points that the air conditioning must compensate.

The LED does not emit electromagnetic waves: It happens more and more frequently that Hifi or Multimedia installations controlled by infra-red, HF, Bluetooth or Wifi are disturbed by fluorescent lamps in too great concentration. Indeed, because of their diffusion of electromagnetic waves, of the same type as the emission waves of mobile phones or those of a microwave oven, they disrupt the proper functioning of certain equipment. An LED source emits hardly any wave of this type.